An Autmotive Locksmith Can Do More Than Unlock Your Car

If you are like many individuals, you might think that you would only need an automotive locksmith if you get locked out of your vehicle. There are many other services that these professionals can offer. Some of their services are designed to pre-plan for an emergency situation such as lost keys. Most locksmiths offer 24/7 services. This means that you can depend on them whether you pre-plan or if you need them in an emergency situation. The following points represent other services offered by automotive locksmiths.

Make Key Copies

You will likely see the benefit in getting at least one extra copy of your keys. Car key copies are more affordable when the copy can be made from an existing key. If you only have one car key, it is ideal to get a copy of the key made. No one intends to lose their keys but it can happen. Another option for getting a copy of a key if you lose your keys is to request a second key at the time of the locksmith key copy service. 


A rekey is different from a copy of the original key. An original key can be copied based on the VIN and proving one's identity. A rekey will involve proving identity, but after the service, the original car keys will be deemed useless. This service involves changing the inner mechanisms of the ignition and creating a new key. The new key will be required to operate the vehicle. A mechanical version of a rekey can also be done with cars that utilize a transponder. The auto locksmiths use software to reprogram the transponder to respond to the newly created sequence instead of the original one.

Key Fob Repairs 

After getting dropped a few times and handled roughly, some key fobs may stop working. Others may partially work. Older key fobs may stop performing due to age and wear and tear. A locksmith can determine if a key fob is salvageable. First, they will check to ensure that it is not a battery-related issue. Then, they can attempt to fix the non-working buttons and reprogram them. If these tactics do not work, they can match your vehicle to a new key fob and program it. This service will likely be cheaper than having it done by a dealership.

An automotive locksmith is a good resource to use to determine how secure your vehicle is. They can help to restore the security of vehicles that have been tampered with through vandalism or auto theft. You can also depend on them to help you identify ways you can protect yourself and avoid the inconveniences of lockouts.  

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