Where To Go When You Need A New Key Fob

As the years progress, even if you buy a used car, you are more and more likely to be the proud owner of a car that comes with a key fob. Now, for some cars, these are nice additions, but if the fob stops working, it's not the end of the world, just kind of annoying. For other cars, it means you may not actually be able to get into or start your vehicle. When that happens, you may not know where to go when yours starts acting up. Possibly the nearest dealer?

Avoid Internet Fixes

If you've already been searching around, you've probably found a lot of cool tricks and hacks to get your key fob working. It is strongly advised that you ignore these. Even though some of them are likely to be somewhat legitimate, if you don't know what you're doing, you may accidentally destroy your fob. And that's assuming that the advice you have found is expert advice made with the best possible intentions. If you are at all familiar with the internet, you will know that is assuming a lot.

Check the Batteries

The first thing you want to do is hop on down to your nearest purveyor of batteries. You may not even be thinking of your key fob as a thing that needs batteries, but it is. And the first troubleshooting technique that most professionals will tell you is that you should try a new battery. If that doesn't work, or if you are having trouble opening the fob to get to the battery, you will want to go to your local auto locksmith. (Many locksmiths handle auto, residential, and commercial locksmith services, but you'll want to check before you make the trip.)

Go to a Locksmith

Yes, it's tempting to just go to the dealership, and that's understandable. But in this particular instance, what you're dealing with lies more in the locksmith's specialty. In addition, if you end up need to replace or reprogram the key fob, in general, the locksmith is less expensive. And if the battery trick doesn't work, you are likely to need to try reprogramming the fob. This is all stuff the locksmith can help you with.

Get a Second Key Fob

Now, it's true that having this work done is kind of expensive. So, while you're at it, you might want to get a second fob made. Yeah, it's a bigger spend than you intended, and if you're in this situation you're likely already stressed about money, but you should at least think about it. It prepares you for the next time this issue comes up- gives you some leeway to replacing your key fob so that it won't hit you with quite the same urgency and you won't have to scramble to get your car usable again.

For further tips, reach out to a local locksmith.

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