4 Great Access Systems For Your Gym

Modern-day gyms are all about an easy flow of access. Members want to be able to enter and exit the gym with a smooth flow that doesn't interrupt their rhythm. As a gym owner, that means installing a system that allows you to make sure members are the ones accessing the gym, and monitor who enters and leaves the gym, without clogging things up in a cumbersome manner. Luckily, there are multiple access systems you can install in your gym that will allow you to track who accesses your gym without inhibiting gym members.

#1 Turnstiles

One popular way to control the flow of gym members is using turnstiles. With turnstiles, members have to pass through the turnstile to enter the gym. You can require members to scan an access card in order to unlock the turnstile and enter. Non-members without access cards will not be able to get through the turnstile and will have consult with the front desk to get into the gym. These are a great way to create a physical barrier to entering your gym for non-members. However, you will also need a non-turnstile way to access your gym for individuals with disabilities who may not be able to pass through the turnstile.

#2 Speed Gates

Speed gates are a little more visually appealing than turnstiles and they don't block access to the gym in the same way that turnstiles do. With a speed gate, members pass through a gate, and generally have to swipe a card to record their movements as they enter and exit. The gate remains open and will just count and let you know when someone walks in who doesn't have a membership card. It will not physically stop them from entering the gym, but it will allow you to track movement in your gym. This is a good system if you have an open floor plan from your front office to the gym.

#3 Access Cards

Access cards are a way to both limit access and to allow people to flow freely through the gym while providing you with the most information possible on your users. You can set-up access cards requirements for entering the gym. If your gym has multiple rooms, such as a basketball court or a childcare center, you can require the use of access cards for these areas as well.

The great thing about access cards is that they can store a wide range of information and can be programmed to work on different doors so that you can allow employees access to additional areas of the offices that you don't allow members access to with the same card system. Or you can set up the card system to only allow parents into the childcare area.

When you run a gym, it is important to regulate the flow of visitors and to make sure that those individuals visiting the gym are paying members. Turnstiles, speed gates, and access cards are three systems that commercial locksmith services can help you set-up to secure your gym.

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