3 Lock-Related Tasks To Complete After A Move

A home is only as secure as the locks on its doors. Moving into a new property can be exciting, but you want to be sure that you are fully protected in your new living space. Before you begin to unpack your belongings and decorate your new home, take the time to complete three simple lock-related tasks that will improve the safety of your new property.

1. Rekey the Locks

Homeowners that move into a residence that has been occupied in the past have no way of knowing who has a key to their new home. This can be a frightening thought if anyone in your home's past has criminal intentions.

New locks can be costly to purchase and difficult to install. You can have a locksmith come to your new home and rekey the existing locks instead. The process of rekeying a lock involves changing the configuration of the mechanical interior of the lock. New keys are then cut that match these new configurations.

A rekey allows you to save money while still ensuring that your home is protected.

2. Reinforce the Deadbolt

Deadbolts are often used as the primary security feature for residential locks. The deadbolt is a large bar of steel that slides into a slot in the door frame when the key to the lock is turned. Although deadbolts can give you peace of mind, these safety features can give way when excessive force is applied.

You should replace the short screws that come standard in most deadbolt installation kit for longer screws that are capable of reaching the stud surrounding your door. Screwing the deadbolt into the stud offers added strength that could protect your home against a break-in.

3. Invest in New Locks

You should complete an inventory of the locks on each of the doors in your new home as soon as you move in. The front door might be equipped with a deadbolt, but a rear or garage door may only have a lock in the handle.

Handle locks are not considered secure, since a screwdriver or other small tool can easily be wedged into the doorjamb to release the locking mechanism. Contact an experienced locksmith to replace all handle locks with more secure devices.

The locksmith will be able to rekey the new locks so that each of the doors in your home can be opened with a single key for your convenience. Contact a service, like Key One Locksmith, for more help.

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