Vehicle Lockouts: What To Do

A busy life likely keeps you going from one place to many others during the day. Your vehicle is probably a big part of each day, and when you can't use it, you're inconvenienced. That's especially true if the keys become locked inside that vehicle and you're unable to get on with daily tasks. A vehicle lockout is irritating, and it can be worrisome depending on the time of day or your location. So, what could be done about such situations?

Call for Help Immediately

Before any attempts to personally address locks, contact auto locksmiths. Local locksmith contact numbers should have already been saved into your mobile for this purpose; however, if not, online searches will identify those locksmiths closest to you. This way, help can be coming as you do other things to attempt faster vehicle entry. Don't waste minutes working on locks only to realize your need for a professional after an hour or so. If, as you wait, you get into the vehicle and no longer need their services, they can be notified.

You might also think about whether spare keys can be gotten to you quickly. If you know there's another vehicle key in your kitchen junk drawer, for instance, consider calling a relative or neighbor to retrieve them.

Use a Hanger

Once you've told another person about the problem, you can begin your own work. A wire hanger can be just the tool required. Look around; do you see a dry cleaner or a clothing store nearby? Do you keep a suit hanging in your office that you can get to? Are you willing to knock on a door to ask for a hanger? If you're able to secure a simple hanger, you might survive the lockout easily. When the hanger is acquired, you're going to use it to access the lock. Unroll it so it's a long, thin wire.

If you have an older post lock that can be pulled up, you'll need to first make a hook shape with the hanger end. Then, push the hanger down into the crack of the vehicle where the door opens. If it won't fit, you may opt to use a door wedge to make a big enough gap. Next, maneuver it over to the post, surrounding it with your makeshift hook. Then, pull upwards. That should work.

If you have mechanical locks, there are two things to try. First, get that hanger inside the car and try to press down or pop the lock mechanism on the door handle. You might also go in from the front of the car; make a hook shape and push down near where the handle sits. You might be able to hook the actual locking mechanism, which can be pulled up on to open the handle and door.

Remaining calm and working these suggestions can get you back in the vehicle. Auto locksmiths can answer any lock-related questions and safely get you vehicle access if your own attempts are unsuccessful. 

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