How To Deal With Being Locked Out Of Your Home At Night

Being locked out of your house can be an emergency when it happens at night or when you feel unsafe. If you've taken all the proper steps to make your home secure against intruders, then you won't have much luck breaking into your home unless you smash out a window glass, which would leave your home vulnerable. A better solution is to call an emergency locksmith.

Locksmiths Provide Service All Day And Night

You may think locksmiths only work during the day, but they provide emergency lockout services during the night too. You never know when you'll lose or forget to bring your key. It could be late at night after you've been to the movies and a late supper. No matter what time of day you're locked out or if it is a Sunday or holiday, you can get emergency service to help. It's a good practice to keep a locksmith's number in your emergency contacts on your phone so you can get in your home or your car when you have an emergency.

Re-key Or Change Your Locks When You Lose A Key

If you lose a key to your house, you'll want to have the locks changed just in case someone took your key and plans to use it later. When your key is missing, anyone can make a copy of it and your home is vulnerable. If your key is with identifying information of yours, anyone could find it and find the house it belongs to. For that reason, you'll want to have the locks rekeyed, changed, or reprogrammed so your family will be safe.

Have A Plan For Lockouts

The time to plan for a lockout is before one happens. Teach your kids what to do if they come home and can't get in the house. You've probably hidden keys around your house at some point in the past, but that practice isn't really safe any longer. Intruders know good spots to look for keys and you may be seen grabbing your key in an emergency, which would make your home vulnerable in the future. Rather than leave a spare key hidden under a rock or under the frame of your car, leave one with a neighbor you trust or a friend that lives close by. You may not want to wake them up in the middle of the night for help, but if you have kids, it's always nice to have a spare key they can access quickly if they are locked out after school.

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