Thieves Eyeing Your Garage? Here's How You Secure It

If you notice unsavory individuals eyeing or spying on your garage, take steps to secure it. Burglars can use your unsecured garage to invade your home during the day or night. If you're home during the invasion, it can be dangerous. Here are ways to secure your garage against spying thieves.

Place Cameras Around Your Garage

One of the ways to deter thieves from targeting your garage is to place cameras around your garage. Cameras allow you to monitor your garage whenever you leave your home during the day. Most camera systems connect directly to your smartphone or tablet, which allows you to watch over your garage at all times of the day. Once the cameras detect strange activity around your garage, they send a signal directly to your smart device.

There are some things you should keep in mind when you set up your cameras. Your cameras should never point or record activity in your neighbors' property, including their homes and pets. You should direct your cameras toward your garage door and windows instead.

If you're in doubt about how to install or place your camera system, contact a residential locksmith and request that they do it for you. A locksmith, like those at Global Lock and Key, can also examine the rest of your home to see if it needs additional security.

Secure Your Entrances

Your garage isn't the only place thieves target on your property. Burglars can also target the doors, windows, and other entrances on your home if the structures lack sufficient locks or monitoring devices. Thieves may also kick down or break open structures that show signs of deterioration and weakness.

If your doors lack deadbolts and other protective or defensive locks, a locksmith may suggest that you install them. Deadbolts are designed to slow down or prevent unlawful entry into your home. You want to place deadbolts on any door that leads directly to your living quarters, including your attached garage and porches.

You may also consider installing special locking mechanisms on your windows. The locks prevent thieves from raising your windows from the outside of the home. Some locks require you to use a key to open or raise the windows in your home. You should keep your keys in a safe place, such as in your wallet, purse, or on your key chain.

If you wish to secure your garage or home from prying eyes and theft, contact a residential locksmith for services today.

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