Increasing Security In Your Warehouse: Three Options To Consider

Keeping the inventory at your warehouse secure is essential for your business, and putting the right security measures in place can help you to protect against potential break-ins or vandalism. Your commercial locksmith can help you to put certain equipment in place to secure your warehouse both during the day and at night. Here are some steps to consider if you want to beef up security in your warehouse.

Entrance Lighting

Warehouses can be vulnerable to break-ins at night when the building is unoccupied and dark. Combating this problem means making it harder for burglars to hide in the shadows. Take a walk around your building at night to identify blind spots so you can determine where to add lighting. Flood lights in front of your loading dock, main entrance, and any other doorways can help to prevent potenital burglaries. If your warehouse has first-story windows, you may also want to consider adding floodlights above them to deter criminals from trying to gain entry through the windows.

Inventory Cages

For high-value inventory, expensive tools, or any other items that are particularly valuable, consider securing them in inventory cages. Your locksmith can help you to build a cage with a secure lock, which can be placed in a corner of the warehouse floor. This extra layer of security means that even if a burglar does get inside, he or she will need to get past another lock before being able to steal your merchandise or equipment.

Wireless Camera Systems

Wireless camera systems provide extra flexibility for customizing your warehouse security setup. These cameras don't need to be hardwired, so they ca be placed virtually anywhere in the building, including on shelving units, inside of inventory cages, or anywhere else you want to monitor for suspicious activity. Choose a camera system that connects to your mobile device or laptop, so you can watch your warehouse even when you are at home in the evenings. Your locksmith can help you to determine where the cameras should go, and he or she can also insist with the initial installation and setup. Remember to choose outdoor wireless cameras for your parking lot, trailer parking area, and the exterior of your building for added security.

Have your commercial locksmith perform an inspection of your building to determine if there are any vulnerabilities, such as weak doors that might be easily kicked in, and make a list of easures to put in place. With your new security setup, you can have added peace of mind that your inventory is secure.

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