Home Safety For Your New Pet

When you add a new pet to the family, you may have to think about your home security in a whole new way. Here is the pet-lover's guide to home safety.

Think About Outlet Covers

The first thing that deserves some discussion here is electrical safety. For one, outlet covers are a good idea, just to be sure that your pet does not decide to mess with these and potentially sustain a bad electrical shock. Do you think your pet will be interested in playing with electrical cords or perhaps even chewing on them? Aside from taping them out of the way so that cats don't bat at them, you could coat the wires with a bitter-tasting substance or wrap them in PVC pipe to prevent chewing. Also ask your electrician about residual current devices that help reduce the risk of fatal shocks.

Get Locks for Dangerous or Messy Items

There are plenty of funny pictures on the internet with people coming home to find that their dog raided the pantry or made a toilet paper mess everywhere. Unless you want to be the one posting the next viral photo and cleaning up the mess, you might be thinking about how to keep these items out of reach of your pet. You might need to start with a reorganization of storage space to place interesting items out of reach of your pet. But locks are a good idea too. You could get heavy magnets or velcro to make it much harder for pets to paw cabinets open. A better seal on your refrigerator is probably in order too. Some people put locks on certain closets or cabinets. Safes could be necessary, even, for more dangerous items that your pet can reach.

Think About Smart Locks

A smart locking system is invaluable for keeping track of your pet. Hopefully, you have high security locks that prevent intruders, but what happens when your pet figures out how to turn the door handle and escapes into the yard or apartment complex? Smart lock systems are great because they will let you know the moment a door opens. You might be making an emergency trip home to make sure Fido is still inside. In general, consult professional locksmith services on how to make your home less vulnerable both to attacks and inadvertent pet escapes. Everyone in your family will be better off for it.  For more information, visit websites like http://www.beckerlocksmithservices.com.

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