2 Myths About Getting Into A Car You Locked Yourself Out Of & What To Do Instead

Almost everyone who drives a car has a story or two about a time they locked themselves out of their own car. You have likely done it yourself a time or two in the past and take every precaution possible to ensure you don't do it again. However, no matter how much care you take to avoid locking yourself out of your car, there is still a chance you may once again and use your smartphone to find tips for getting back into your car quickly. 

There are some good tips online about getting into your own locked car, but there are also some myths. Read on to learn two myths about getting into your car after you locked yourself out and what to do instead. 

Myth #1: A Friend with Access to Your Key-less Entry Remote Can Open It over the Phone

Most new cars come with key-less entry remotes that allow you to open your car at the push of a button. Unfortunately, most people keep these remotes right on their key chains, and when they lock their keys into their cars, also lock their remotes inside of it, as well. However, many people have a spare remote they keep somewhere, and there is a myth circulating online about how this remote works. 

According to the myth, you can stand next to your car and call a friend on your cell phone who has access to your key-less entry remote. Next, they press the "unlock" button on the remote while holding the remote close to their cell phone microphone after you place your cell phone on "speaker" mode and hold it next to your car; supposedly, the "unlock" signal the remote transmits can "travel" from one phone to the other and unlock your car. 

Of course, this does not work, so don't try it next time you lock yourself out of your car. Instead, have the friend who has access to your spare key-less entry remote simply bring it to you, so you can use it to unlock your car the right way and get back inside of it. 

Myth #2: If Your Car Is Equipped with OnStar You Can Call and Activate Your Membership to Get Back In

If your car came equipped with an OnStar button and a free trial membership that you let expire due to not wanting to pay the monthly membership fee, then you may think that if you get locked out of your car, you can call the company on your cell phone to renew your service and they will promptly unlock your car remotely. 

While the service does offer remote unlock in some of their packages and when specific vehicles allow it, renewing your service after it has been deactivated requires you to push the button on the interior of your car. That means that you cannot renew your service when locked out of your vehicle and there will be nothing they can do to get you back into your car. 

Instead, save yourself an extra phone call and lots of time by simply calling a local auto locksmith service that can send a locksmith out to get you back into your car for a small flat rate and no monthly fee. 

If you drive a car, then there is always a chance you will lock yourself out of your own car, no matter how carefully you try to avoid it. Forget these two myths when you do and instead have a friend bring you your key-less entry remote (or spare key) or call a locksmith service. Contact a professional like Migoley Stephen K  for more tips.

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