4 Tips For Getting Into Your Car Without Keys

Nothing is quite as frustrating as going to open your car door and realizing that you have locked your keys inside of your car. Although it might seem like the end of the world at the time, this isn't the case. There are plenty of ways to get your keys out of your car without actually having to worry about actually having a key to your car. As long as you have a few things on hand, you should be able to get your car's doors open in no time flat.

Shoelace Method

This method might take a bit of practice and it only works on car locks that pull up, which means that a lot of people who own contemporary vehicles won't be able to take advantage of this technique. First, take some shoelaces from your shoes or purchase some at a nearby store. Tie a slipknot in the middle of the shoelace. Work the string into the door from the upper right hand portion of the door. Once the shoelace has been adequately pushed into the door, attempt to lasso the slipknot's loop around your lock and attempt to pull upwards. Voila! The door is unlocked.

Coat Hanger

This method only works on older cars, yet again. However, it will work on vehicles that have locks that operate from side to side rather than by moving up and down. Electrical wires can be damaged in the process if you attempt to do this on a newer vehicle.

Use a metal coat hanger and bend it so that it is straight with the hook protruding from the end. Slide the hanger in between the weather stripping and the door itself. Push downward, with the hook facing the lock. Push downward until the hook reaches the locking mechanism and you are able to push it towards the direction that will unlock the door.

Inflatable Door Opener

This is a tried and true method that is almost guaranteed to not damage your vehicle in any way, while the coat hanger and shoelace method can both wind up damaging the weather stripping of your vehicle. 

The first step of this process is to pry open the door slightly. When the gap is created, slide a blood pressure cuff into this opening. By utilizing the force the blood pressure cuff, you should be able to open the door. First, inflate the cuff so that the gap widens to anywhere from .5" to 1". This will give you enough room to use the metal coat hanger trick without having to resort to potentially damaging the weather strip or any portion of your window.

Call a Locksmith

This is the one guaranteed way to get your keys out of a car. When it comes to making sure that you can easily get into your vehicle with only a small amount of time on your hand, call a locksmith. Your locksmith might be able to unlock the door using methods that are too complicated for you to employ, or they might be able to create a key based on the lock of your door so that the door can be unlocked.  Many locksmith services are available 24/7, and more likely than not, the locksmith should be able to unlock your car much quicker than you might be able to. If you want to minimize the risk of potential damage to your vehicle, and get back into your car as soon as possible, it is  best to call a locksmith for the job.

Getting into your car without the aid of your keys can be a difficult proposition. Next time you lock your keys in your car door, don't fret, give one of these ideas a try!

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